Rebecca is an actor, singer and songwriter based in Montreal, QC.

Shortly after graduating with a bachelors in communications from l’UQAM, Rebecca knew she would go back to what she loves most: the arts. She has been working as a professional singer since 2011 and as a professional actor since 2013.

Rebecca Rowley Actor.

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Rebecca is a passionate storyteller. Her heart beats to the rhythm of wholehearted and empowering stories. With deep insight into the kaleidoscope of human behaviour, she steps into the shoes of complex and extraordinary female characters, whether they demand drama, comedy, or both.

Rebecca Rowley


Rebecca’s performances demonstrate her versatility and ability to be present to the audience, create in the moment and respond truthfully to her fellow actors’ work. She is known as a wonderful collaborator, always keen to get herself out of the way and let the character fully enter the scene.

Rebecca is bilingual in English and French. Her standard North American English accent doesn't betray her Montreal roots, while her sophisticated French-Parisian shines with elegance. Her Spanish is at professional proficiency; she loves taking on roles ‘en español’.

Demo Reel

On Set



Role: Ava

Get ready to dive into another reality with this drama thriller set in a post-apocalyptic world.

In this film, Rebecca’s role was very physical, involving a chair being broken over her back. For an actor who digs adventure, it was a brilliant experience out in the woods, in the middle of nowhere.



Role: Sofia

This short comedy was a real ensemble work; as a team player who enjoys creating in the moment, Rebecca had a blast bringing these larger-than-life characters around a table for some family holiday craze! Sofia is an absolute hoot; I just let her do her thing in the scene, says Rebecca.

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Role: AI

In this docufiction about data and artificial intelligence, Rebecca played the AI in physical form. A tremendous metamorphosis, a journey at the frontier of humanity, with a fascinating subject matter to research and explore.



Role: Sophie

Emptiness premiered at the Montreal Fantasia Festival in July 2023. This conceptual thriller horror was mostly shot at night, the perfect setting to unleash the extraordinary energy that this kind of storytelling requires. Thanks to a little Alexander walking, yerba maté and a few push ups at 3am, Rebecca was fully present to her character and her role in the story.


Untitled Silent Feature

Role: Journalist

Rebecca just wrapped up a silent feature film (details to come!). Working with some amazing actors was an inspiring experience, while embodying silent characters was a revelation of new facets of her acting abilities.

Rebecca Rowley Singer. Songwriter.

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Rebecca's journey through music is something of a venture through styles. Coming from the world of classical music, where she honed her skills as a violinist and a pianist, Rebecca seamlessly transitioned into jazz, pop, and alternative genres.

Rebecca Rowley

Singer. Songwriter.

In 2011, she founded her jazz & bossa nova quartet, La Cançao, which has performed over 120 live shows! The original arrangements are a mesmerising and soulful expression of her creative talent and she is regularly praised for her sensitivity in the choice of repertoire.

Her vocation for music naturally led Rebecca to songwriting and composition. As a result, two music projects have recently emerged: Rose Bonbon — a French pop project, and TOÀ — a liturgical jazz project.



Voix de L’est - Juin 2019

Entre musique et cinéma

Journal St-Armand — printemps 2014

Festifolies en Armandie







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IMDb an Online Database of Information Related to Films, and Television Programs
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